Achievements & Highlights of 2017

With Christmas done and dusted, the new year is just around the corner. After days of curling up on the sofa, bingeing on food and feel-good movies and surrounded by Quality Streets wrappers, I’m feeling rather pensive. I’m absolutely loving the wave of posts about what other people have accomplished this year; my blogging friends make me so proud! But in retrospect I reckon I deserve a pat on the back as well. It feels like this year has passed by in a flash, but looking back, I’ve actually crammed a lot of stuff into these last twelve months.


Ignoring my slight lapse over the last couple of months, this year overall has been great for my little brain child Not Capulet. Over the summer I was invited to my first bloggers’ event at CaBella Boutique in Nottingham for an exclusive makeup masterclass; as a primarily beauty-based blogger, it was great to pick up some tips and hone my own techniques. As my first ever blogging event, it was a really exciting milestone to reach!


I’ve since been invited to more events, such as the opening of the Bluebird Tea Co.’s Nottingham store, the launch night of Nottingham’s first self-serve wine bar Another?, and the Jingle Mingle in collaboration with Prezzybox. I’ve also had the chance to work with many lovely brands, with Livvy & Rose boutique, Cyberderm, and TOTM among them! I was honored to be on the ARC-list for Claire Fuller’s amazing novel Swimming Lessons, and I could have done a little weep of joy when Charlotte Tilbury contacted me to ask for permission to use one of my Instagram photos!


2017 was also the year that saw me make a proper investment in my blog by going self-hosted. It was a bit scary to put that much faith in my little blog, knowing full well that may only ever be a hobby, but I’m glad I did it! I feel like I’ve been able to develop my own brand and theme more because of it — I even made my own media kit! I still have a lot of progress to make, but I guess a blogger’s work is never done!

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I love being productive on my day off 💪🏼 I had my induction at the gym this morning and managed not to hurt myself; I’ve collected my prescriptions, booked a hair appointment for next week, got some Christmas presents pinned down and powered through a ton of dirty washing. All that’s left is some chilled out blogmin time with the cat and a cup of tea (it’s green tea if anyone was wondering what the heck I’m drinking 😂) What have you done today? ✨ – – – – – #blogger #bloggerstyle #dayoff #timetounwind #gettingshitdone #teatime #chillin #under1k #theeverydaygirl #momentsofmine #ukblogger #blogginggals #eastmidsblogger #productiveday #thegirlgang

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The thing I’m probably happiest about is my new job! Although my old job as a barista had its perks (namely the great friends I made there), it was time to explore pastures new. I wasn’t actively looking for a new job when I actually found one; I was just in a mood because of how a colleague had spoken to me and applying for job after job out of spite. Quite unexpectedly I was squeezed in for an interview at a local independent optician’s practice and had started there officially by the following week! It’s the first time I’ve worked full time, so I’m loving reaping the benefits (dollarrrrr) and getting into a normal routine. It’s also a role I can really sink my teeth into so I’m excited to see what next year will hold for me in that respect. My colleagues are also fab, which is an added bonus!

I also passed my driving test — fourth time lucky! As you can imagine, I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever pass, but my fourth test was just days after leaving my old job, so maybe I was in a better state of mind. I’ve since made the biggest purchase I’ve ever made in my life by buying my first car — a cute little gold Nissan Micra. She’s nothing fancy but I love her to bits (sounds daft to say that about a car but it’s true!) because she’s given me some much-needed independence. The whole experience has shown me that resilience pays off.


Finally, although this may sound daft, I’m really proud of myself for having a proper haircut. I’ve always been a little too emotionally attached to my hair and only ever had an inch off at a time — anything more was reason to have a mini meltdown. It had been about 40 inches long for nearly seven years. So before my birthday in March, I steeled myself and went for The Chop, leaving the salon with a shoulder-skimming bob. The next time I went in for a trim, I went even shorter. And I honestly love it! I feel like a different person.


Meeting my boyfriend James has definitely been a highlight of this year. It’s not the most romantic-sounding story — we matched on Tinder and met up for milkshakes on the off-chance we’d click, and lo and behold! He’s shown me so much kindness and support over the last few months; it’s like he’s taught me how to laugh and have fun again. We drove down to Cornwall together over the summer and he even made that seven-hour journey fun! We can be at a fancy function with his work, or even being silly in the supermarket, and we’ll still be laughing together.

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I’ve not accomplished anything major health-wise this year, but rather I’ve been laying the groundwork for hitting milestones in the future, however distant. I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat less meat because it just doesn’t sit right with me anymore and makes me feel guilty. Living in a family home makes cutting meat out completely a little difficult, and I’m not ready for that transition just yet anyway, but I’ve stopped eating beef, duck, lamb and other obscure meats the family doesn’t eat often; bacon and chicken are the only meats I’ll eat regularly and I’ve even cut down on those a lot as well. I’ll usually go for a vegetarian option where available, and I’m hoping that this year sees me go further in that particular transition.

I’ve also joined a gym, which is just downright weird. I’ve even been enjoying my sessions there, which is even weirder. After sitting at a desk most of the day at work, it’s actually quite nice to hit the gym on the way home, even if it’s just 20 minutes on the treadmill and 30 lengths of the pool. I definitely want to join a class in new year; I like the look of spin class or yoga — one extreme or the other!

Those of you who read regularly will know that my mental health is important to me. This year has seen my anxiety and depression develop slightly; I’ve reached a point where medicating is no longer enough. Writing about it on here has definitely helped, but the biggest step was booking myself in for therapy. It’s something I’ve fought against for such a long time, it was actually a relief to finally concede and admit that I was ready to talk. I had three sessions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before hitting practical complications (location of treatment, time slot, etc.) so I will hopefully definitely be trying again in the new year. Wish me luck!

Family and friends

This year hasn’t just been great for me, it’s been absolutely awesome for my friends and family! My cousin got back from almost a year of travelling around Australia, and even though I loved following her adventures and experiences, I missed her loads and it’s been lovely having her back on British soil.

My little brother also started secondary school this year, and it’s terrifying that the little baby I remember, the little wriggling lump of jelly (cute) I held just hours after he was born, is now basically a teenager. He’s taken the move completely in his stride and it’s made me really proud.

Lastly, my best friend Cait has done something I could never do and put herself through university all over again. She’s studied for a Master’s degree in Musicology and graduated a couple of weeks ago, the clever sausage!

Other highlights…

I finally got to visit the Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter Studio Tour over the summer when my brother bought us tickets for my birthday!

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I went to Leeds Festival with my gal pal Rachel and saw Eminem for the second time!

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Lastly, I went to Chester Zoo, which doesn’t sound enormously thrilling, but I finally got to see an actual sloth in real life!!!!!!!! (for clarity: I have an obsession with sloths).


Here’s to 2018!!

What have you achieved this year? Let me know in the comments and link me to your posts!


I'm Juliet and I'm a twenty-something Creative Writing graduate based in the U.K. with a love of books, cats, and cosmetics.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    This is such a lovely, inspiring post. I love reading about what others have achieved/are proud of doing in the past years and your achievements are defiantly something to be smiling about. Weirdly enough I started my first full time job last year in opticians too!!

    Charlotte |

    1. Juliet says:

      Thank you Charlotte, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Haha, what a coincidence! Hope you’re getting on well 🙂

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