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Like any makeup enthusiast, I have certain conditions. Even though I love makeup as much as I do, there are certain brands, products, and shops that I subconsciously steer clear of — I have my trusted favourites! I also have a selection of go-to looks that I know I can fall back on, habits that I’ve fallen into over the years because I know I look good.

But I’m nothing if not open to trying something new, so when Blue Banana got in touch with me with a possible collaboration, I was more than happy to participate!

I’ll hold my hands up and say I haven’t stepped foot in Blue Banana since I was fourteen and going through my emo phase, and even then it was a little too alternative for me. I didn’t even consider that they sold makeup, but because they specialize in alternative fashion, I was a little worried it would all be a bit too “out there” for me. As it turned out I was pleasantly surprised by their selection!

As expected, they stock a number of alternative brands — Manic Panic and Stargazer I know of and I’ve seen PaintGlow on Boohoo before during the festival season, but they also have some of Barry M’s bolder choices in nail varnish and eyeliner. I made my selection and was very kindly sent the following choices for review:

  1. Manic Panic Creamtones Lethal Lipstick in the shade Naked Under Leather (£8.99)
  2. Stargazer Eye Dust in the shade No. 44 Silver (£3.99)
  3. Manic Panic Dreamliner Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Siren’s Song (£12.99)
  4. Stargazer Loose Powder in the shade Natural Shimmer (£3.99)


First impressions were mostly really good! The lipstick in particular has really lovely packaging; it’s not the heaviest but it feels sturdy enough and, as you can see, the diamante detailing is really pretty. It’s a nice touch that makes it feel luxurious being carried around in your handbag. The loose powder was packaged in a protective card box, but the actual pot itself is generic and not decorated or branded in any way, but the eye dust and the eyeliner feel just like a cheaper brand you’d get from Boots or Superdrug.


Manic Panic Creamtones Lipstick

As I’ve said, the lipstick had me feeling hopeful. It came in its own little protective box, and the packaging is really pretty. The actual stick was molded really well and looked very glossy and high-quality; I was worried it would be tough and chalky on application but it was actually really smooth and creamy, if a little sheer. I like the colour too, a pretty peachy nude shade that you can just swipe on to look like you’ve made an effort. My only qualm would be the price… I’m not sure I would pay almost £10 for the lipstick when you can get products that match the quality from brands like Makeup Revolution for half the price or less.


Stargazer Eye Dust

I’ve always wanted to try these eye dusts so I’m glad I got a chance to give one a go. I struggled a little with the formula as I’m more used to pressed eye shadow pigments, but I did only have to use a little bit at a time for maximum payoff. It blended really well with even coverage and no patchiness, and it built up easily for an even higher pigmentation. The colour isn’t perfect for me, but nonetheless it’s very pretty and manages to avoid that cheap brassiness that some silver eyeshadows have.

img_6598_facetune_02-04-2018-13-59-50 img_6597_facetune_02-04-2018-13-59-37

Manic Panic Dreamliner Liquid Eyeliner

I chose this product because I fell a bit in love with the colour. I’m enjoying the duochrome makeup trend, so I felt like this mermaid-inspired liquid liner would look extremely pretty. Honestly I was slightly disappointed. The colour is cute, but on application it looks like a dark navy colour with a slight shimmer, and as a liner, it doesn’t look much different from a standard black flick. The brush isn’t as precise as I’d like, making it difficult to get that really sharp flick; I tried it as a kind of glittery eyeshadow pigment which looked nice and shimmery at first, but it soon lost its impact. Overall, if I bought this product with my own money, I’d feel like it was a bit of a waste.



Stargazer Loose Powder

I was hoping that this would make a nice loose highlighter, but the shimmer was a lot subtler than I was anticipating. Therefore I wasn’t very sure exactly what it was for. I tried it all over, I tried it as a baking powder, I tried it wet as a more concentrated highlighter and it didn’t reeeeally seem to do anything. It probably worked best just being dusted over your face to mattify any oily bits; I do feel that it added a kind of glow to my complexion, but it’s not something I’d go for in a makeup look.


Overall, I feel like the products are a bit hit and miss for me personally. I wouldn’t bother with the eyeliner at all, especially at the price tag, and the loose powder doesn’t really serve much of a purpose in my makeup routine. However, I’d be curious to try other shades of the Eye Dust as I really like the formula and the payoff (especially for four quid!), and the lipstick has managed to make its way into my every day makeup bag! If you’re going to buy anything from Blue Banana, the Manic Panic lipsticks would be your best bet!

A big thank you to the lovely folks at Blue Banana for collaborating with me!

Have you tried any makeup from Blue Banana?




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