Alternative Makeup with Blue Banana*

Like any makeup enthusiast, I have certain conditions. Even though I love makeup as much as I do, there are certain brands, products, and shops that I subconsciously steer clear of — I have my trusted favourites! I also have a selection of go-to looks that I know I can fall back on, habits that I’ve fallen into over the years because I know I look good.

But I’m nothing if not open to trying something new, so when Blue Banana got in touch with me with a possible collaboration, I was more than happy to participate!

I’ll hold my hands up and say I haven’t stepped foot in Blue Banana since I was fourteen and going through my emo phase, and even then it was a little too alternative for me. I didn’t even consider that they sold makeup, but because they specialize in alternative fashion, I was a little worried it would all be a bit too “out there” for me. As it turned out I was pleasantly surprised by their selection!

As expected, they stock a number of alternative brands — Manic Panic and Stargazer I know of and I’ve seen PaintGlow on Boohoo before during the festival season, but they also have some of Barry M’s bolder choices in nail varnish and eyeliner. I made my selection and was very kindly sent the following choices for review:

  1. Manic Panic Creamtones Lethal Lipstick in the shade Naked Under Leather (£8.99)
  2. Stargazer Eye Dust in the shade No. 44 Silver (£3.99)
  3. Manic Panic Dreamliner Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Siren’s Song (£12.99)
  4. Stargazer Loose Powder in the shade Natural Shimmer (£3.99)