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Everyone loves a good beauty stock-up sesh, right? But we all know the struggle of searching for that one holy grail product only to find out it is yet again out of stock, and trawling through the same beauty counters and drugstore shelves can get a bit *whispers* boring. The answer? Amazon, of course! Here’s a little selection of some interesting bits and bobs I’ve stumbled across during my Amazonian travels!

Technic Contour Stix & Get Gorgeous Highlighter Compact | £4.31

There has been a lot of buzz around this brand on the blogosphere recently, and I want to know why! The last time I sampled Technic was a good few years ago and I wasn’t too impressed with the quality, so I’d be really excited to try their new and improved products. I’m a sucker for a good contour and highlight, so this little set would be a perfect starter kit for me.

CINEEN Professional 7pcs Makeup Brush Set in ‘Rose Gold’ | £1.99

I’ve bought makeup brushes from Amazon before, and even though I was sceptical at first, I was really pleasantly surprised. This super cheap set (less than two quid, are you having a laugh?) is of course made of synthetic fibres and is so pretty with its soft, rose gold colour theme. I’m tempted to order them myself as they’d make perfect additions to my collection.

Dermacol High Coverage Foundation | £21.90

I feel like Dermacol has a bit of a cult reputation and I’m absolutely dying to try it for myself. It’s not the cheapest of products available on Amazon, but its claims (if they work) justify its £20~ pricetag: waterproof, hypoallergenic, SPF30, cruelty-free, and even able to cover tattoos. I’ll definitely be purchasing it at some point in the future as I’m really keen to give it a go!

St Moriz Tropical Tanning Mitt | £2.99 (Add-On Item)

Admittedly not the most practical of purchases as it’s only gonna get grubby, but how adorable is this print? St Moriz is my fake tan of choice (I use the Dark Tanning Mousse), and this mitt would be a handy accessory to have in my beauty drawer.

HENGSONG Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush | £1.76

I’ve actually just bought this because it’s that friggin’ cute — I just couldn’t resist! I’m honestly not expecting much because of how cheap it is, and it’ll do for a bit of decoration or an Instagram prop. That being said, six out of six reviews give it full marks, so you never know!

Fun & Glitter Chunky Festival Glitter in ‘Holographic Silver‘ and ‘Pink Unicorn‘ | £3.50 each

I’m off to Leeds Festival later this year, and music festivals mean glitter!!! I’m going with my friend Rachel, and knowing what we’re like when we’re let loose together, I have a feeling we’ll be going full unicorn. What better way to channel mythical creature vibes than to roll ourselves in glitter?! These tubs are pretty reasonably priced, especially as the shop offers free U.K. delivery, and the colours are multitonal and so pretty.

15x Magnifying Mirror | £1.50

Also known as: a brow’s best friend. If you’re as follicly blessed as I am, you’ll understand my frustrations at those not so little, kinda pointless stripes of hair above your eyes. No more squinting and knocking myself out on the glass! This little mirror would do all the zooming in for me, and for the meagre pittance of £1.50.

Docolor Multifunctional Rainbow Makeup Brush | £7.89

I would literally have no use for this brush, I just want it because it’s so goddamn beautiful. Look at that handle — the pastels, the glitter! It’s so gorgeously girlie, I just want to frame it and sigh whilst gazing adoringly at it. There’s more in the set, and if I wasn’t so financially challenged right now, I’d be adding the whole lot to my basket.


What’s on your Amazon wishlist?



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