#BBlogger Confessions

Scroll through the #bblogger hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see picture after picture of Anastasia palettes, impeccable brows, Nakeds 1, 2, and 3, cream contours blended to perfection, the plumpest of matte pouts, and rose gold for days. Sometimes it can feel like there is a certain checklist that needs ticking off to qualify as a bonafide beauty blogger, and as a result, I have more than once felt less than if I don’t meet the criteria. When Jemma posted her Beauty Confessions on Dorkface, however, I got that same feeling I got in school before an exam when someone would mutter, ‘I haven’t studied for this either!’ We all do our best to keep our blogs and Instagrams looking preened and polished, but at the end of the day, it’s an illusion; and in this post, I’ll happily shatter mine!

I have no idea how to compose a decent flat-lay. I’ve tried several times, but I have such an issue with lighting and shadows, and I have very few things that would work as props, never mind the eye to arrange them well.

I don’t have a set work space for blogging. I’d love to have a cute little desk with lights and miniature succulents, but there’s no space in my bedroom. I normally just sit on my bed with everything surrounding me in a big ol’ mess.

My makeup selfies never look good enough to me. I don’t understand how other people pick up the detail in close-ups, or get the right angle to make their lips look all plump and symmetrical. I just take normal selfies instead, and feel like I come across as really vain for posting a million pictures of my own face.

I’m like 99% sure my ABH Glow Kits are fake. I’ve looked at real/fake comparison videos and it all seems legit, but I got them on eBay so I can’t be sure!

I don’t own anything marble, and until Christmas, I didn’t own anything rose gold either (I now have a cute set of heart-shaped fairy lights from Cait!) and it felt like an exclusion from some club I didn’t even wanna be in!

I only clicked that makeup brushes need cleaning about a year and a half ago, and even now I don’t clean them as much as I should… I finally made the effort the other day after over two months of not doing it — gross!

Sometimes I feel like a proper cheapskate for only using drugstore products for the most part, and the super-inexpensive ones at that. But I’m not spending £15~ on a lipstick that does the same thing as a £1!

Nothing anybody can say will ever convince me that a Kylie Lip Kit is worth the money. Seeing all those messy brushes and dodgy af customer service complaints has put me right off for good.

Similarly, I don’t care how good quality MAC products are, they still test on animals so I’m not going anywhere near them. Urban Decay is the best high-end makeup brand, hands down.

I really do think drawing on your own brows is an art form and I am in awe of those of you who can get your brow pomade looking so fleeky, but personally it’s just not a look I’d want to rock myself. Good job I am so follicly blessed!

Lastly, my biggest insecurity with blogging is that I will post a makeup look and people will look at it and think lol she thinks she good at makeup but she’s not lolololol or something slightly more scathing. I’m glad that so far I’ve been lucky enough to receive so much support from other bloggers!

Do you have any blogger confessions?



I'm Juliet and I'm a twenty-something Creative Writing graduate based in the U.K. with a love of books, cats, and cosmetics.

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  1. Yayy, i am not alone in this 😂
    I can relate to all of these point,
    I dont know how to take flat lay pics or how to design a flatlay background for the pics.
    I dont have anything marble.
    Neither do i have desk, i really want one but there is no place in my room.
    I have one kylie lip kit but its fake and to be honest its good quality so why would i spend so much on the real one.
    I cant remember the last time i cleaned my brushes xD
    I legit have no high end products. All drugstore 😭.
    And i am so so scared of posting my make up looks because there are so many pros out there and i am nothing as compared to them.

    1. Haha, sounds like we’re pretty similar! I get so anxious about posting makeup looks too, but I’ve realised that the beauty blogging community, and the blogging community as a whole, is mostly a really friendly and supportive place. You should be proud of your own skills, and remember that most professionals have taken classes and practised for years to hone their trade! Everyone has to start somewhere! xxx

  2. Love this! I’m the worst at cleaning brushes! I look at the dark eye shadow left over on my brushes and just hope for the best lol

    1. I’m the same! I just give them a quick scrub on the back of my hand!

  3. Loved this post! I can definitely relate to some of these, glad I’m not alone. Xx

    1. Thank you! Happy you enjoyed my post x

  4. Oh this was fantastic! And so true to me that it’s scary! I agreed with every single point. Thanks for writing this, it’s great to know it’s not just me 👏👏👏

  5. Love this post, I’m the same with a lot of these. My ‘photo space’ at the moment is my bed because it has half decent lighting, at least I think it does, with no props at the moment and I always worry about makeup selfie shots. I never get how do people do brows? I just leave mine to do what they want lol.

    1. Glad to know I’m not on my own! I never do anything makeup related to my brows either, if I even use pencil on them they look way too big and dark!

  6. I love this post. I’m constantly comparing myself to other bloggers and it puts me down so much but I know I shouldn’t be doing it. Thank you for this post that reminds me I’m not the only one! Xx

    1. You’re very welcome, thank you for commenting! x

  7. Oh gosh, I’m the same! I can def relate 😬 xx

    1. Yay! I’m not on my own 😀 x

      1. Haha def not 😁 xx

  8. I love you for posting this! It’s silly how much time we spend comparing ourselves to others. I refuse to buy a Kylie lipkit lol.

  9. I can relate to some of these! I can’t see myself buying anything from Kylie, I don’t own anything marble and as for flat lays I suck at them!x

    1. It’s nice to know it’s not just me!! X

  10. I can relate to so many of these points. I also don’t get the hype over Kylie

    1. Glad I’m not alone!

  11. Haha! This cracked me up – I don’t own anything chic and marble either so I purchased some sticky shelf paper and affixed it to a piece of cardboard. I’ve alyways wondered if readers can tell..haha! Cute post.

    1. Thank you! I’ve seen other bloggers use the sticky-back plastic method, so you’re not on your own on that one!

  12. You’re brilliant, remember that, and so is your blog! Keep smiling 💜

    1. This is so sweet, thank you chick 💗💗💗

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