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I thought for my first beauty blog post I’d be best to bring it right down to the basics. I have never had seriously troubled skin, but I’m no stranger to breakouts either, and it’s taken me a good few years to work out what works for me given that there is such a wide variety of products on the market. So read on for a sneak peek at my skincare routine!

  • Skin type: Combination/oily
  • Problem areas: Chin and cheeks
  • Usual cause of breakouts: Stress and hormones

(Beforehand, I always make sure to remove all traces of make up. I like to use Johnson’s Baby Wipes as they are designed for very sensitive skin and are therefore very gentle, requiring minimal rubbing to remove stubborn mascara. You can get them here.)


The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

TBS Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, £5.50 for 150ml

I’ve been using this cleanser from The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range for about a year now. It comes in a neat bottle with a pump dispenser that releases the right amount of product to use; you only have to use it sparingly so it lasts for a good couple of months. It’s very soft and non-abrasive on my sensitive skin, and I really love the scent of tea tree it leaves, as it’s very natural-smelling, although it might be a bit strong for some. It leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean, and is better at bringing out my impurities than any other cleanser I’ve used, hence my loyalty! I use it consistently, every morning and night, which keeps my skin clear; I can totally see the difference when I stop using it due to running out. Furthermore, at £5.50 for 150 ml (two-three months’ worth), it suits my budget nicely. The only issue I could mention is its tendency to leave my skin feeling a little dry, but this is easily remedied when used in a C.T.M. skincare routine!

Pros: pleasant scent, brings out impurities, reasonably priced

Cons: strong scent, leaves skin feeling dry, requires added moisturiser

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

TBS Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner, £5.50 for 250ml

This toner is wonderful! I love how clean it leaves my face feeling, as it not only cleanses the skin but removes any residual traces of dirt or makeup more easily. Again it’s very strong-smelling, but I like it as it smells fresh and natural, not like the manufactured scents in some products. The product is a “shake to activate” formula, and claims to leave a matte, shine-free finish, which I would agree with. It also leaves my face feeling very soft and flexible, not taut at all, which I like, and is very easy to sweep on quickly if I’m in a hurry and not able to complete my daily routine fully.

Pros: clean-feeling, removes makeup, matte finish, convenient

Cons: strong-smelling

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

TBS Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub, £7 for 100ml

I only recently started using this so I don’t have any long-term results, but it’s rather lovely as far as face scrubs are concerned. It’s quite tricky to find the right balance with face scrubs, as you want something that exfoliates effectively but isn’t too abrasive. I’d say this strikes the right balance. The product description claims to leave skin feeling soft and super clean and to visibly unclog pores, which I only partially agree with. My skin certainly feels cleaner and exfoliated, without being too rough or dry. However, I have quite dark, blocked pores on my nose and cheeks and I have never found a product that budges them; unfortunately this doesn’t either, but that’s okay. It’s a lovely little scrub, and even though it’s a bit pricier than the rest of the range at £7.00 for 100 ml, you need only use it a few times a week rather than twice every day, so it should last a bit longer! Although this is only my first time purchasing, I would definitely buy again.

Pros: exfoliates effectively, softening formula, clean-feeling

Cons: doesn’t clear pores as effectively, slightly more expensive

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

TBS Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, £8.50 for 30ml

Again, this is my first time trying this product, and as far as pore minimisers go (bearing in mind that I’m comparing with Benefit’s Porefessional – my one true love <3 ), this hasn’t blown me away. However, as a primer underneath my makeup, it has satisfied me. My main port of call for this is how much makeup is coming off my face at the end of the day, meaning that the product has clung onto it for dear life and refused to let my makeup slip. It has a misleading texture; I didn’t realise it would spread so easily over my face so unfortunately wasted quite a bit of it the first few times I used it. You literally only need a pea-sized blob or smaller, depending on the size of your area of need. It has a stronger scent than the rest of the range which, while not unpleasant, can be a bit off-putting for something staying on your face all day. Contrary to other reviews I’ve read of it, I’ve been quite impressed with its mattifying effects, especially on top of moisturiser. However, I don’t think £8.50 for 30 ml is justified when its effects are less than overwhelming.

Pros: effective primer, mattifying effect, only need small amount

Cons: doesn’t minimise pores effectively, strange texture, strong smell, pricier than rest of the range

What are your holy grail skincare products?


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  2. Grace says:

    That Tea Tree Face Scrub has been my absolute favourite for months now! I actually think its quite pricey but well worth it!

    Grace xxx

    1. I agree that it’s quite pricey, but like you said, well worth the money for the results it produces!

      Thank you for reading/commenting! X

  3. Love The Body Shop everything smells so yummy!

    1. I agree! Some of the body butter smell good enough to eat

  4. The tea tree line from The Body Shop is soo amazing!

    1. It’s fantastic! My skin is so soft and clear x

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