Switching Seasons With Livvy & Rose*

I’m exploring new blogging territory with today’s post, and I’m a little nervous. I’m always the first to admit that I’m not the trendiest of girls so the idea of releasing some OOTD-ish content isn’t one I immediately jump to. The way I dress isn’t exactly offensive but it isn’t always to other people’s tastes either; if I like it, I’ll wear it, it’s as simple as that. That’s why I was thrilled when online boutique Livvy & Rose wanted to collab with me.

img_1114_facetune_05.09.2017-14:41:22 img_1115_facetune_05.09.2017-14:41:37

Livvy & Rose is a U.K. based online boutique that sell super pretty, bohemian-style accessories for competitive prices. From scarves to jewellery and bags, and even a Little Livvy range with cutesy pieces designed for children, there are so many accessories to add a perfect, pretty finish to any outfit. Browsing through their collections, I could imagine myself wearing basically every single one of their pieces, so I knew I had to reach out.

They very kindly offered to send out a complimentary item of my choice so I could write a review — as you can imagine I was overjoyed! Out of all their bags, scarves, and pieces of jewellery, I struggled to pick just one, but eventually whittled down to a few favourites. I figured a lightweight scarf would be ideal for the transition from summer to autumn, and received the Penny Blue Scarf in the post a few days later, lovingly wrapped in pastel pink tissue paper.


I fell in love with this scarf as soon as I unwrapped it. The fabric is a cotton/polyester mix but has a cheesecloth feel to it, so although it’s soft and lightweight, it’s just heavy enough to give a bit of protection from a brisk autumn chill. I love that it’s also slightly textured, as I prefer the feel of this fabric to silkier scarves often favoured by highstreet stores during milder seasons.


I really love the leafy, floral pattern of the scarf as well. It has been screen-printed rather than woven in, so the pattern is clear and distinct. The blue has a slight green tone to it, and combined with the print is feminine without overtly screaming girly-girl, perfect for my personal style.

img_1134_facetune_05.09.2017-14:54:16 img_1132_facetune_05.09.2017-14:53:11

I’ve worn this scarf even more than I thought I would since receiving it. For me, it’s really versatile and pairs well with a lot of my go-to outfits. I can even sling it on without thinking if it’s looking chilly outside or if my outfit needs a little something extra, and still look (dare I say it?) stylish!

On the day of taking these pictures, the jumper I was wearing was a thin stretchy knit over a floaty camisole. The sun was out but there was a bit of frost in the air, so the scarf was a great choice to keep me nice and warm without a jacket.


Outfit details:

  • Choker: Primark (set)
  • Jumper: Primark
  • Cami: H&M
  • Bracelet: Pandora
  • Jeans: New Look Tall
  • Trainers: Converse (custom)
  • Bag: New Look

Overall, I’m so happy with this generous gift from the lovely folk at Livvy & Rose. I often find with bohemian-style fashion pieces, it’s either way out of my price range, or quality is sacrificed to make it more affordable. Livvy & Rose settles on a great compromise: it feels well-created without breaking the bank.

I can think of a few people who would love this brand (my lovely mum being one of them!) so I already have a few gifts in mind! I’d also be interested in trying their jewellery collection for myself; I have my eye on the Rose Button Necklace next, and their Boho Betty range is to die for, so I’m certain they’ll be receiving an order from me in the near future!

Would you be interested in shopping with Livvy & Rose?

livvy and rose pinit

Disclaimer: Some items featured in this post were kindly gifted in exchange for a personal, original review. All opinions and content are my own. Please see my Disclaimer page for more information.


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