How Your Clothes Affect Your Life

I’ve got a bit of a treat for the fashionistas among you today — welcome to Not Capulet’s first ever guest post! When the lovely Amy Mia got in touch, I was overjoyed and excited at the prospect of a guest post as I’d never really thought about it before. Her great writing style made it impossible to refuse her offer — I knew her articles would be right at home here. Not only is she a fantastic writer, she’s a prolific fashion blogger so you can trust that she really knows her stuff. So without any further adieu, here is the article she wrote especially for this li’l here blog (squeal!!).

How Your Clothes Can Affect Your Life

We’ve all heard of that “look good and you’ll feel good” philosophy, but what does it really mean? Is slapping on a lipstick really going to improve your mood? Actually, yes. You’d be surprised just how much our appearance can affect all aspects of our life, our mood included. This doesn’t mean that you need to conform to trends every season, nor do you have to wear what everyone else is wearing just so you’ll fit in. Good clothes are more than just squeezing ourselves into a Valentino dress, they’re a part of who we are. Want to know how clothes influence us and how you can use this newfound knowledge? Read on.

Confidence Boost


If you wear frumpy, ill-fitting clothes, you’ll look bad even if you’re the most attractive person in the world. Not even Kate Upton, not even Megan Fox, the conventionally good-looking popular celebrities, would nearly as well as they do in terribly-made clothes.

Here’s a little experiment you can do: go to a professional tailor, have them take your measurements, and have them sew you a perfect wrap dress. Look at yourself in the mirror after that and you’ll see the change. You won’t even know how gorgeous your legs are before you find the perfect skirt length; you won’t even know how lovely your figure is until you find the right clothes for your body shape, for your height. Once you see how great you really look, your confidence will sure. Each season is a chance to try something new.

Better Relationships


It’s not about attracting attention as much as it’s about the point we just talked about: self-confidence. If you look good and feel good, people will be drawn to your energy, to your easy smile. No one will be walking all over you. So cut out the self-deprecating jokes, pull on a slink dress or maybe tall boots and a leather jacket, and go have fun. Treat yourself to a J. Crew cashmere sweater and wear it over your favourite button-down, or with a pair of slim black jeans.

A Creative Outlet


Exploring fashion can actually be really, really fun. You don’t have to follow what’s popular at all; the gist of it is finding the kind of style you like and then learning about it. Rocker chic, goth, glam princess, preppy, hipster, nerdy, whatever you like. Browse Pinterest, look at magazines, find other people who are into fashion and who can give you some advice. Use clothes to create complex, artful looks, or use it to create perfectly-polished minimalist looks for every day.

Learn how much small details can change the whole outfit — a silver necklace for a touch of elegance, a chunky watch for a dose of hipster chic. Take inspiration from the Australian approach to fashion — laidback, sexy, dripping in effortless elegance. Aussie brands are all about that cool, summery fun vibe. Transform a boring outfit with a clever use of scarf wear and wear a beautiful, flowy scarf instead of a belt, or tie it over your bag strap for a romantic look.

More Respect


If you look polished and professional, people are more likely to take you seriously. We tend to trust those who look like they know what they’re doing, and wearing the right outfits can actually make you more successful in your career. And it’s not just the workplace either — everywhere you turn, people will admire the skill and the style that you can exhibit. A well-cut blazer goes a long way, darling.

Showing Your True Self


That shirt with your favourite book quote, or that pearl necklace that your mom gave you speak a lot about who you are. You’re weaving a tale every time you put effort into choosing a comfy outfit. I want my heels to say I’m sexy, I want my pullover to say I’m clever. I want my Star Trek shirt to remind me of my favourite show. Whoever you are, you’ve got a story to tell, and clothes can give you a way to do that.

Fashion loses its point the moment it stops being fun. So, don’t stress over it. Mix and match clothes and find your own personal style. There’s nothing like the knowledge you look good to make you feel good.


Amy Mia is an Aussie-based lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger with an impressive back catalogue to her name. If you would like to read more of her writing, she’s a regular contributor to both Highstylife and Elegant Luxe Life.  You can also find her here on Twitter.


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