Testing Lush’s BIG Shampoo

I didn’t even realise Lush did free samples until I went in store a couple of months ago with my friend and asked the shop assistant for some advice. Because my hair is so long and heavy, and gets greasy so quickly, it never has any volume to it at all, even if I were to back-comb the hell out of it. I discussed this with the shop assistant and she recommended Big shampoo and gave me a couple of free samples to try it out.

The samples came in these cute little tubs. Being the bright spark I am, I didn’t think to take photos of the samples before actually using them, but you can still see a little of product left that I didn’t manage to scrape out.


It struck me as being a really bizarre texture because of the big chunks of sea salt in it, and it felt really odd to be putting it on my head (mainly because the last bitty liquid I put in my hair was a banana hair mask that took three hours to comb out). I wasn’t expecting it to create a lather but it did so really easily. Because my hair is so long, I usually have to use quite a bit of shampoo so I used both testers, but really only one tester would have sufficed as I soon realised I’d used too much!

Anyway I rinsed it out like a regular shampoo and used my normal conditioner with it (Palmer’s Coconut Oil Repairing Conditioner for anyone who’s wondering). My hair smelt so good — it reminded me of that really fresh scent of Parma Violets — and felt really soft. I decided let it dry naturally to see what effects the shampoo would have without any tampering, and honestly I wasn’t expecting much of a difference, but it felt lighter and a bit thicker than usual around my scalp. That fluffy kind of bounce is still there this morning after sleeping on it, when usually one night’s sleep is enough to make my hair oily and greasy again. The scent is not as strong, so it has more of a beachy, oceany vibe to it.

I’m basically in love with this shampoo now and I can’t wait to get my hands on a full size tub. I’ve been searching for a cruelty-free shampoo that is good for my hair for so long and I think I’ve finally found it!

Have you tried Big shampoo? Do you have any Lush haircare recommendations for me?


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  2. Great review! Sounds lovely! 🙂


  3. Ooh this sounds great! I’ve never gone to Lush for haircare before but I now want to give it a go!

    1. It’s so good! My hair feels so soft and smells amazing, you should definitely try it!

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