I Got Pretty Muddy This Weekend!

So, folks, the day finally arrived! Last weekend, my girls and I drove out into the countryside to submit ourselves to a filthy, perilous assault course and covered ourselves head to toe in mud, all in the name of charity!

Pretty in pink! L-R: Danielle, Georgia, and me

Okay, slight exaggeration. It wasn’t a Bear Grylls-style expedition, it was actually a lot of fun! The atmosphere was so friendly and upbeat, with music blaring out and big groups of people being led through aerobic warm-ups in preparation for the races — and so much pink, everywhere! Pink ribbons, pink face paints, pink hair, and we set off on our run in a big cloud of pink smoke!


The assault course itself was quite steady-going for the most part, the path meandering through the woods with mud piles and puddles scattered here and there and obstacles placed at roughly 500 metre intervals. It was mainly things like tyre paths, army nets, and tunnels to crawl through, but there were volunteers stationed around with water guns and buckets of water to make things more interesting!

Having more difficulty with the space hoppers than this photo suggests!

Towards the end things got a little tougher: we had to climb over a tall vertical net, jump about on space hoppers (lol), crawl through a paddling pool filled with muddy water whilst a man (who looked to be thoroughly enjoying himself) throwing more water over everyone, and lastly, a massive inflatable slide!

We were well and truly filthy by the end, and very tired, but thrilled to have been part of something so fun and well-meaning. The sun even came out to play, and raising close to £600 was the cherry on top!

I did it!

Ten outta ten would recommend. To say we ran five kilometres, it was just the right amount of challenging, and even more fun. There was also something so empowering and moving about running alongside all these women, reading the messages of support and who they were running for on their backs. Definitely get yourself involved!


If you would like to donate any spare pennies, there is still time! Click here to go to my JustGiving page — any amount, however big or small, is so important and appreciated.

Lastly, Georgia’s boyfriend Curtis took loads of really fantastic photos of the day for us, some of which I’ve included in this post. If you want to see more of his work, head over to his Twitter, his Instagram or his website to do so!

Have you ever got Pretty Muddy? Would you like to? Let me know in the comment section!



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