The Perfect Scented Candles For Autumn

It’s the perfect autumn scene: you’re snuggled up in the evening with your coziest fluffy socks pulled up, clutching a steaming mug of something tasty with the rain pattering softly on the window panes as a golden candle flickers in the low light. Scented candles are lovely all year round, but I think only autumn are they truly an essential complement — with scents of pumpkin spice, maple leaf, toasted marshmallows, crackling campfires and more, it gets more and more difficult each year to choose that signature scent!

With candle shopping, I tend to jump straight into the arms of fragrance beast Yankee Candle; I’ve got loads of other budget brands in my collection, but the throw of the scents never quite hit the mark (with some of Primark’s forever growing range being a close exception!).


A few weeks ago I joined a Facebook group that aided the selling of a particular American bodycare brand in the U.K., and on its timeline I saw a lot of posts about a brand called D.W. Home. I’d never heard of them before now, but the posts were all really positive so I was keen to see if I could give them a sniff.


Good old T.K. Maxx! On my latest trip to soak up all their Hallowe’en-y goodness, I spotted a few of D.W.’s scents nestled on the shelves. There wasn’t an awful lot to choose from, but I was pretty happy with the scents I ended up with and I couldn’t wait to get them home and get burning them: Sandalwood Myrrh, Frosted Leaves, and Blackcurrant Pumpkin.


I’m really impressed with these candles! Not only do they throw a lingering scent way across the room, they also smell absolutely lovely. Sandalwood Myrrh is kinda smokey but with a hint of a hippy-ish incense kind of smell, and Blackcurrant Pumpkin gives a fruity twist to a traditional seasonal scent. Frosted Leaves is probably my favourite; it smells like walking through the woods on a cold winter morning.


They’re also ridiculously pretty. I love the effect of the colourful wax through the frosted glass, especially the ombré effect of Frosted Leaves (another reason why it’s my favourite!), and I love the simple gold design with the cute individual illustrations. They look a lot more chic than some other candles I own!


I’ve been browsing the D.W. Home website while writing this post (with Sandalwood Myrrh burning next to me!), and I’ve seen loads of other gorgeous-sounding scents that I’ll be checking T.K. Maxx for! I’ve also seen the original price these candles sell for, which $12.00 — that’s about £9.14. I bought these from T.K. Maxx for £2.49 a pop, if I’m remembering correctly! Overall, 10/10, would recommend!

Have you tried D.W. Home’s candles?


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