Liquid Lipsticks from LOLA Makeup*

This post includes gifted items from LOLA Makeup, which have been marked as such in line with my disclaimer.

If you love makeup, you’ll (a) love trying out new brands, and (b) always have room in your makeup collection for more lipsticks. So, when I spotted a tweet from a brand I hadn’t previously tried looking for bloggers to try their liquid lipsticks for free, I was all over that like Katniss Everdeen at the Reaping.

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The brand was LOLA Makeup, a brand that I’d never even heard of, let alone tried. I try my very best to stick to cruelty-free brands only, so I did a little bit of research before getting in touch with them. I saw that they are designed exclusively in the UK by makeup artists and beauty creatives, and that they are cruelty-free! It seems that they mainly sell online, with the exception of a few boutiques in London and Northern Ireland, which explains why I hadn’t seen them knocking about on the Superdrug shelves.

The lovely folks at LOLA Makeup by Persé very kindly sent me not one, but two of their liquid lipsticks! From what I can gather from their website, there are four shades available in the collection, and I received the shades ’02 Strawberry Peck’ and ’03 Desire’.



The lipsticks are a typical tube-and-wand design, with the lipstick shade clearly marked on the outside of the tube. They are a little small; originally I thought they were mini travel-sized versions, but looking at the website, I’m not 100% sure!

I opted to try 03 Desire first, which is a bright pillarbox red colour.


It’s almost a completely neutral red, not particularly blue- or orange-toned — not the ‘perfect’ red for my complexion but definitely one that I would plump for myself. It also went really nicely with the sunset-style eye look I was wearing that day!

What I was really impressed by was how pigmented the formula is, even without being super thick. It glides on really easily in one sweep (the wand is a generic doefoot style which is what I’m used to) and I didn’t need to double dip for the entire area of my lips. You could definitely apply another layer for a more intense colour, but it packs a punch as it is.


Next, I tried the shade 02 Strawberry Peck, which is a vibrant soft pink shade with a slight dusky accent.


I was worried that it wouldn’t be my shade as I’m definitely not a pink lippy kinda girl. It is pretty pink (a bit like strawberry yoghurt) but it wasn’t too much. I think with a more neutral eye look it would add a nice pop of colour, maybe on days when you’re pushed for time and want to look like you have actually made a bit of effort.

Again the formula was lovely and silky, and didn’t require two layers — one sweep covered my lip surface evenly and felt very smooth and almost glossy on application.


In terms of being a matte finish, it is unfortunately not my favourite formula. It dried down to a semi-matte finish in my opinion and it took quite a while to do so. However, I really liked the finish as it was really pretty and comfortable to wear; it didn’t crumble or flake off like some liquid lipsticks can be prone to and it didn’t feel drying at all. In fact, the formula contains jojoba oil and shea butter to keep your lips moisturised, and it definitely pays off. Overall it reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, which I didn’t actually like so it’s good that I have an alternative that works for me.


My only qualm would be that the formula is transferable, i.e. it’s not “kiss-proof” as a matte lipstick should be. I also found that eating and drinking caused it to wear off quite quickly, especially in the centre of my lips, which was noticeable as the shades are so vibrant. You can obviously top it up with another quick swipe, but too many layers would feel clumpy and uncomfortable as with any makeup item!

Another tip would be to team this with a lip liner, as the moisturising ingredients caused it to bleed ever so slightly around the edges of my lips — nothing too drastic but definitely not exactly what you want!

Here are the swatches on my hand for good measure:


Overall, yeah, I’m a fan! I’d love them to release more shades, maybe a nice vampy purple for autumn or a trusty universal nude, as I think the formula definitely has potential.

Have you tried these lipsticks before?



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