Stay Matte On a Budget with Primark Beauty

Skin-wise, I’m an oily girl. My nose has a near-constant mirror sheen, and my cheeks and chin gobble up mattifying products with an insatiable hunger. A pressed powder compact of some sort is always knocking around in my handbag for this reason, but I’ve always felt a bit ‘eh’ about these products — they’re just a necessity after all, nothing too impressive… until now!

I was in the market for a fresh powder compact on my most recent tour of Primark, when I picked this little one up from their simplest P.S. range in the shade ‘Porcelain’. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, and honestly I was even a little sceptical of the quality given my sensitive skin, but I’ve tried other products from Primark in the past, mainly lipsticks, so I thought I may as well give it a go — for £2, I didn’t really have anything to lose!

When I opened the compact at home, I was so pleasantly surprised! The pan is nothing to ring home about in terms of design, but the casing feels so sturdy, and it comes with a mirror and a little applicator sponge, which is always a great add-on. There were no weird smells, no  cracks, no fall out, and the powder feels really soft when swatched on your fingertip. It’s also a really pretty compact to look at, with its matte black casing and gold embossed lettering — smudges and smears wipe right off.

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What has really impressed me, though, is how GOOD this powder is. It’s almost creamy upon application without being too thick or cakey, and it soaks up shine like magic. I prefer to dust my powder over my face with a big powder brush to avoid putting on too much for my tastes, and it still worked a treat. I’ve worn it to work a couple of times, where I’m in and out of a hot, humid kitchen for eight hours a day and constantly on my feet running backwards and forwards; usually I’ll check my face out in the mirror during my break and I’ll be shining all over the place. With this compact, I’ve barely even needed to touch up, even without setting spray.

I’m honestly so impressed and happy that I took a chance on this compact. It’ll last me ages, and for only £2 that couldn’t be better!

Which makeup products have surprised you lately?


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  1. This product looks so nice! My face is also very oily so I’d love to try this!

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