Soph x Makeup Revolution Palettes Review

When I saw that one of my favourite beauty YouTubers SophDoesNails was releasing her own makeup items, I literally did a squeal of delight, sat reading all the Tweets on the bus back from town. I’ve watched Soph’s videos for about a year now, and her loveliness is infectious; a collaboration with drugstore beauty giant Makeup Revolution couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person!

I haven’t been this excited about a palette since Anastasia released Moon Child, and the best part was — I could actually afford these ones! I ordered them both from TamBeauty as soon as they were available for under £20, including delivery (thanks to a generous voucher code!) and did another little happy dance when the postman handed them over. I don’t think he was used to people being so excited to see him!


Having watched all Soph’s videos demonstrating them and seeing promo photos pop up on Instagram, I already knew what I was expecting but I was still really pleased when I opened up the parcel. I love the outer design of the palettes; they fit together with the little touches of rose gold and the ‘Soph’ logo but they’re not exactly the same. They come in their own little boxes for protection, which is always an added touch of luxury.


I’ll start with the highlighter palette. My first impression was that I love the variety of colours; there’s a selection of ice creamy, pastel shades (the pink and purple on the bottom row are almost holographic!) but also some darker, rosier shades that would look beautiful on deeper skin tones. Even though I’m paler, I’ve used these myself a few times as I would use a blusher  and it gives me a lovely warm glow. I particularly like the darkest pink shade (bottom row, third from left) for this!


The swatches of this baby are insaaaaaane. They felt so thick and buttery on my fingertips doing these swatches, but they don’t overwhelm your skin when you apply them with your brush. They’re just the right balance between subtle and glowy, and they’re really easy to build up to that “blinding all tha h8rs / glazed donut” kind of effect. The three pressed shades have slightly more give to them than the baked ones, but I’d say the baked ones are a lot brighter; the pressed ones have a softer effect.

I’ve used this literally every day since it came in the post and I can’t see myself getting bored of it any time soon. I think the only thing that could make it absolutely perfect for me would be to have a contour/bronzer shade nestled in there somewhere for a bit of definition, but I’m not even close to complaining. As far as highlighter palettes go, for me it’s absolutely spot on.

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Next we’ve got the eyeshadow palette, and oh my god. I’m obsessed with this thing of utter beauty. I don’t even know where to start.

Firstly the outer casing is completely matte except for the rose-gold logo and I’m weirdly obsessed with it. I think it makes such a difference to how it looks compared to the shiny black cases Makeup Revolution usually favours. And then you open it up and you’re greeted by all these gorgeous shades with cute af names and a big ass mirror and it’s just so girly and lovely and everything a palette from Soph should be!


The shade range is fantastic. She went over the thought process behind the chosen shades on her YouTube channel and said that the two columns on the left were meant as transition shades (crease up to the brow bone kinda area), which I think is really helpful and makes it such an easy palette for aspiring MUAs and learners to get on with. It’s also a very recognisable colour range for Soph fans, as her eyeshadow looks tend to encompass lots of warm red tones and grungy shimmer shades. I also love the shout-outs in the names, e.g. Mug Cake, Fairy Lights and Cuppa Tea; it feels like a little hug to those of us who follow Soph’s channels.

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Here are some of my favourite shades. From L-R we have: ‘Fairy Lights’, ‘Sparks Fly’, ‘Mixed Berries’, ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Pumpkin’, ‘Petrol’, ‘ Danger’ and ‘Rosewood’. The shimmers are just so meaty (UGHHHH) and pack a real punch, and the mattes are really pigmented and buildable. They all blend together like a dream (I’m just crap at blending lol) without creating a muddy mess and even though the shades are so varied, they all seem to fit together really nicely.

It’s the perfect palette to create a lot of different looks with. I’ve had a bit of play with it and here are three looks I came up with.


Shades used: ‘Pancakes’, ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘Mixed Berries, ‘Sparks Fly’, ‘Fairy Lights’


Shades used: ‘Penguin’, ‘Iced Coffee’, ‘Pug’, ‘Mug Cake’, ‘Pine Tree’, ‘Fairy Lights’


Shades used: ‘Penguin’, ‘Cloudberry’, ‘Strawberry Sweets’, ‘Sparks Fly’, ‘Fairy Lights’

Now, I’m really not the most talented at makeup application and blending and all that, but even with my amateur skills, these eyeshadow looks are pretty good! I’ve not really played about tooooo much with more colourful eyes on a daily basis, but with this palette I’ve found it really difficult not to whack a blummin’ rainbow on my eyelids everyday. It’s just such a fun palette and so easy to put together a semi-professional-ish look.

Overall, I’m just SO HAPPY with these palettes (can you tell?!). They’re so pretty, and so easy to use, and an absolutely wonderful representation of Soph’s general look. I think they’re perfect for someone who’s just starting to try out makeup, or who hasn’t really worn highlighter before, or who doesn’t necessarily want to have a billion and one palettes cluttering up their makeup bag. I don’t use this word loosely, but here we go: they are essential.

Soph, Makeup Revolution: you’ve pulled it right out the bag.


Have you tried the Soph x Makeup Revolution palettes?


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