Music: October Playlist

Hi all, and welcome to the penultimate month of the year! I can’t believe how much it’s flown by. Yet again, I’m a few days short with the monthly playlist because I’m a busy busy bee! I’m a month into my new job (and moreover, still enjoying it!), and I’ve finally got my own car — a li’l Micra called Babs, after my nana whose generosity enabled me to buy her. I’ve also been — wonderfully — up to my ears in blogging events, including the Bluebird Tea Co. Nottingham store opening, the Another? Wine Bar launch night, and Prezzybox’s Jingle Mingle — expect posts up soon!

I’m not really looking forward to this month, if I’m completely honest; James is away until the beginning of December (lots of massive thumbs-down emojis) so it’s looking like a month of (dare I say it?) Christmas shopping. Here’s what I’ve been listening to for the past month:

What do you think?