My Favourite February Blog Posts

One of my goals for February was to publish more blog posts — twice a week, I think it was. HA!

It’s safe to say I wasn’t feeling very inspired this month, or at least not very motivated. On the other hand, I have done quite a bit of blog-reading and I’ve come across a number of really, really good posts from my fellow bloggers. So good that I think they’re worth a mention, don’t you?

I Got a Tattoo (Again) | Midnight & Lace

My girl Robyn @ Midnight & Lace has got her second tattoo this month. We went out for an eventful night out, as it transpired, and she was so excited to get it, telling me all about the thought behind her design. It’s a symbol of self-love, and I am aaaalways here for that.

Are You Feeling Pressured By Your Blog? | Dorkface

In the blogging community, it can sometimes be hard to not feel slightly less than when reading through all these wonderful blogs that schedule everything to a tee and post fantastic new content every other day. I definitely fall victim to this, so reading Jemma’s post about feeling the pressure was like getting a big hug and pat on the back from a friend — you got this!

How I Take & Edit My Photos Part 3: Makeup Looks | The Auburn Agenda

To say I’ve been blogging for years on one platform or another, you’d think I’d be fairly decent at taking photos for said blog by now. Luckily I’ve got the gorgeous Amy @ The Auburn Agenda to help. She’s written a mini series of three posts, spilling her secrets to perfecting the art of blog photography. I can’t seem to get to grips with makeup shots, so I’m hoping Amy’s tips will take my skills up a notch!

I Am More Than My Skin | LouLaBelleRose

It shouldn’t be a ‘brave’ thing to do to post a bare-faced picture, but with the state of things, I do admire Lauren @ LouLaBelleRose for writing this post. In a culture so obsessed with looking just right (particularly in the blogging world), it’s a strong thing to put your so-called imperfections out there and tell everyone how you feel about them.

Willing To Lie About How We Met? | Katie’s Corner

This post from Katie @ Katie’s Corner is a hoot and a half (‘the way into my knickers was a mutual love of hobbits’). As a fellow Tinder success story, I can relate to that slight feeling of bashfulness when you tell people you met your partner online — particularly a platform so notoriously sleazy as Tinder!

What posts have you enjoyed reading this month?



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