My February Goals

New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, until February rolls around and you realise you haven’t stuck to it past the first week of January. I love all the positivity in the air at the start of the year, but what goes up must come down, and I think the reason most resolutions don’t work out is because they’re just too ambitious! Deciding to snap into a big lifestyle change and carry it throughout an entire year is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment.

This is the first year that I haven’t bothered with them, and the first year where I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something in January! It’s like all the pressure is gone and the productivity has taken its place. Therefore, as we’ve finally stepped into February, I’ve taken inspiration from the lovely Jemma at Dorkface; here are my achievable goals for the the coming month!

Drink 3L of water everyday.

Working in an office environment where everyone is always boiling the kettle for another round of tea means I don’t drink half as much water as I used to. For the past month, I’ve been checking into an app called Waterlogged, which allows you to track how much water you drink in a day — simply select the volume of water you’ve drank and watch the virtual bottle fill up! It’s like a game, and hitting the target everyday is so satisfying. I’ve felt much better in myself recently for staying more hydrated, so I’ve upped my target from 2L to 3L, and I’m hoping to hit that target everyday this month.

View three flats within my budget.

2018 is the year that I’m starting to think seriously about moving into my own place for the first time — I miss the independence I had at university, and I’m just ready to have a space I can call completely mine. I’ve already created a monthly budget, so I have a pretty solid idea about how much I can afford to pay for rent, and I’ve started looking online for what I can get for that amount. The only thing left to do is to start viewing flats and houses to get a feel for the properties I could realistically live in! I’ve got in touch with a bunch of estate agents and I’ve even got two viewings already booked in for next week — one more and I will have hit my target for the month. Maybe one of them could be my future home — who knows!!

Stick to my blogging schedule.

One of my biggest goals for 2018 was to get back into a blogging schedule that works for me. Working full-time means I have a lot less free time for blogging and all it encompasses — if I’m not already mentally drained from a full day at work, it’s too dark outside to take decent photos, and if I’m not in the right headspace to write a post I can really get my teeth into, it’s just not worth it! However, I’m coming into my own a bit more at work and I made a decent investment in some softboxes for blog photos, so I feel more able to create better content. I want to post two times a week in February. That’s eight posts — entirely doable if I put the time in to plan ahead (not blasting a post out at 8:00 PM on my day off like I am now!).

Reach 1000 followers on Instagram.

I’ve been pushing my blog’s Instagram for what seems like forever, and it feels like I’m getting nowhere. Of course, the algorithm doesn’t help (are you even a real blogger if you don’t complain about the Instagram algorithm?!). I’ve been trying to be more mindful about the content I post, and I’m already seeing the difference in the engagement I’ve been getting, which is really encouraging! I’d be so stoked to finally reach my first ‘k’ on Instagram — and at 915 followers (as I write this) that’s not too far to go!

Host another guest-blogger.

January saw Not Capulet publish its first guest post: How Your Clothes Affect Your Life by Amy Mia Goldsmith. It was really well-received and I was really excited to have a guest contribute to my li’l blog. I’d love to make it a frequent if not regular occurrence! If you’re reading this and are interested in publishing a post here, please get in touch. It can be about anything in the Beauty & Lifestyle genre — click here to find out how to contact me.

Finish my book.

I’ve had Stephen King’s It on my TBR for months now; the book has been sat on the pile in the corner of my room gathering dust. I’ve read a few chapters in January and although I love King’s writing style and am already gripped, I somehow find myself reaching for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire instead by accident (oops!). It’s a fave, but I really want to make an effort to read books that I haven’t read before rather than the same selection of favourites over and over again. Then, when I’ve finished it, I can finally watch the new film!!!

What are your goals for February?



I'm Juliet and I'm a twenty-something Creative Writing graduate based in the U.K. with a love of books, cats, and cosmetics.

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  1. I hope you achieve all your goals! and I want to try drink a lot more water too! x

    1. Juliet says:

      Thank you Sharnah, I hope you achieve your goals as well! x

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