Stitched Up: Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup

Scrolling through Pinterest for Halloween makeup inspiration and flicking through popular spooky characters, I saw a common theme begin to emerge. From Sally in A Nightmare Before Christmas to Chucky from Child’s Play, or simply to fix up a messy fleshy gash, the concept of stitching a person back together seems to add a spooky sprinkle of fearsome fervour to a whole array of costumes.

Perhaps the most historically famous human cut-and-paste is Frankenstein’s monster, created by Gothic royalty Mary Shelley and revamped time and time again in pop culture, movies and television shows alike, alongside his slightly more glamorous female counterpart known only as the Bride of Frankenstein. I took a lot of inspiration from multiple makeup looks on Instagram and Pinterest (there was one in particular which I now typically cannot find!) to create this glamorous Frankenstein face:


I started out with my usual foundation (L.A. Girl’s PRO.Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation) and concealer (MUA’s Pro / Base Full Coverage Concealer) routine, before sketching out the patchwork-style lines with ESQIDO’s black gel pencil liner (gifted).

Then, in the top corner of my face, I used Snazaroo’s bright green facepaint to slowly build up the colour using a wet Beauty Blender-style makeup sponge from Primark.

Next I used the ESQIDO liner again to fill in my brows. I wanted them to be extra bold, dark and angular, almost cartoonish, which I think I managed to achieve — it’s definitely not the usual brow look I go for!



Next, I used my Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes eyeshadow palette to create a super dark smokey eye. I used the matte black shade ‘Little Black Book’ to hollow out the socket and used my fingertip to add some shimmer to the lid with the glittery shade ‘Tantalizing’. I finished it off with a dramatic eyeliner flick using Essence’s Superfine Eyeliner Pen and about a million layers of mascara. If I was wearing this makeup look for my Halloween costume, I would add a pair of dramatic lashes, such as Ardell’s Mega Volume 259 set.

I finished the skin with my usual complexion routine: bronzer with W7’s Honolulu, and blinding highlight along my cheekbones, cupid’s bow and inner eye corner using Revolution x Soph highlighting palette.


Now that the rest of my face was sorted, I set about completing the stitches effect. I wanted to go for a cartoony look rather than a realistic, gory one (mostly because it seemed simpler to create!). I took a tiny flat-top stippling brush that I don’t normally use because I have no idea what it’s for, and used Snazaroo’s white facepaint to dab a series of white dots on either side of the lines (I tried not to arrange them too neatly as the desired effect isn’t exactly done by a medical professional!); then I took the Esqido liner to join up the dots in random lines and crosses.

Finally, for the finishing touch, I went for a bold, glossy red lip. I started with Revolution’s Renaissance lipstick in ‘Highness’ and topped it with Wet N Wild’s Colour Icon lip gloss in ‘Love Bird’.

(I even sprayed a stripe of dry shampoo in my hair for the Bride’s signature ‘do!)


What do you think? What are you dressing as for Halloween?

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