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This post includes gifted items from PortraitFlip, which have been marked as such in line with my disclaimer.

Gift-giving can be an awkward one. It’s all well and good at Christmas when you’ve got gift guides and 2 for 1 adverts coming out the wazoo, but what about every other time? Birthdays? Anniversaries? What then? I can’t be the only one who has racked their brains in the past for a really thoughtful gift and ended up getting something that turned out to be a bit of a flop. Sometimes you just need a bit of help.

When PortraitFlip got in touch with me and told me about their ethos, I was really impressed. PortraitFlip is a company based in India with a passion for art and gift-giving… so they combined the two! By turning fond photographs into genuine pieces of art, they’ve tapped into a gap in the market for providing truly unique gifts.

Their artists hail from all around the world, and the company has made every effort to ensure the talent of these artists is given its due credibility. As an Indian company, they are also very proud of their country’s artistic heritage and wish to keep that culture alive and thriving.

After browsing their website, I was keen to try their services for myself, and they very kindly agreed to send me a charcoal portrait of one figure. Me being me, I chose a selfie (because obviously). I sent them the high-quality image as requested and waited for my portrait to arrive.

Correspondence with PortraitFlip was clear and professional, and delivery was swift — my portrait was with me within a week. I had already seen a digital scan of the portrait, but when I held the original in my hands, I was absolutely delighted! Honestly, I’d been a little worried that it was a bit of a gimmick, that I’d receive a print-out of my selfie with a ‘sketch’ filter smacked over the top, but what I received was a genuine charcoal sketch.

The detail is absolutely incredible — you can see where the charcoal has been swept across the page and the movement of the image, particularly in more detailed elements such as hair. I loved how the artist made my eyes look; I have lots of creases and laugh lines around my eyes and instead of muting them, they’ve added plenty of shadow and detail to bring out my personality. I honestly love it, and if I’d been gifted this by a friend or a family member, I’d be thrilled to bits.

As well as charcoal portraits, PortraitFlip offers a variety of mediums, such as oil paintings, watercolours, acrylic, coloured pencil… the list goes on. They also offer a vast range of sizes, from cute and small to blown-up poster size. Anything goes, really, and the team at PortraitFlip do their very best to make sure their customer is as happy as possible with their portrait!

If you’re after a unique, thoughtful gift, I’d definitely recommend checking out PortraitFlip. Visit their website or check out their Facebook and Instagram pages (and see if you can spot me in their portfolio!!).



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