A Super Facial with Added Vitamin C

As a woman who loves her makeup, having oily skin is a bit of a pain. It doesn’t seem to matter which oil-combating, matte-finish products I use, they never seem to make much, if any, difference. The best combination I’ve found is W7’s POREfection primer under my foundation followed by a generous spritz of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray, and even that only prolongs my makeup’s life for a few extra hours.

A skincare tip I’ve always been sceptical to try is using facial oils to tackle oily skin. Apparently, skin produces excess oils to replace moisture that is lost naturally, so using facial oil products preempts that excess. I don’t know what the science behind it is, but it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Why would I add extra oil to a place that is already oily?

However, it just so happens that the winter months have left my skin looking dull and devoid of life, so when I spotted a kinda boujee-looking facial oil in TK Maxx for less than a fiver (just a fraction of its RRP), I thought I may as well give it a go.


Super Facialist Vitamin C BRIGHTEN Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Reveals radiantly clear, thoroughly cleansed skin

First things first: this stuff smells delightful. I couldn’t resist having a whiff in the shop before going to the till, and it smells like freshly pressed orange juice on a summer’s day somewhere gloriously warm.

Second, I’d never heard of Super Facialist before picking this bottle up. TK Maxx is one of those shops that’s like a jumble sale of forgotten brands so I assumed Super Facialist was something lesser known. I gave it a quick Google nonetheless and found out that it’s actually sold in Boots and has a pretty well-established online following and website. It’s also paraben- and cruelty-free; and this particular facial oil is suitable for vegetarians and vegans!


For the past week, I’ve fitted it into my nightly skincare routine. After removing my makeup with Superdrug’s Vitamin E micellar water, I massage the oil thoroughly into my skin. When it has soaked in, I take a bit of warm water and wash my face, letting the oil mix into a soft milky substance before rinsing my skin skin and patting it dry. Immediately after, my skin feels soft and warm, and has a pretty glow to it like it’s been invigorated. The gorgeous scent also lingers, which is lovely when you get a waft of it throughout the day.

Before adding water
After adding water

I was worried it would leave my skin feeling oily and greasy but it just feels soft and cared for, like baby skin that hasn’t been weathered yet. A few days into using it, I noticed that I’d broken out a little with a couple of spots, especially around my chin, which I thought might be a direct reaction to the oil; but this subsided after another day or two. Plus it’s normal to break out with a new cleanser — that just means it’s working!

I know the oil claims to be brightening, but I wasn’t expecting any noticeable visual effects to my skin. However, after using the cleansing oil for about a week, my boyfriend kept commenting that there was something brighter and more healthy-looking about me (which is especially poignant as I was off work with a sickness bug for two days of the week!). He didn’t know I’d been using anything different on my skin, and when I took a proper look at my face, it did in fact look healthier. The only thing I could attribute that to is the cleansing oil.

20190126_165149.jpg 20190126_143211.jpg

I’m wearing no makeup in the above photos and they are unedited. Even though I can still see some faded blemishes, I’m actually really pleased with how my skin is looking  — even my ten-year-old eye bags are looking somewhat brighter!

You can buy Super Facialist skin products from Boots or direct from their website.

What’s your favourite skincare product?



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