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I have a bit of an issue with perfume. I love luxurious fragrances as much as the next person; there’s something so indulgent about a squirt or two of a designer eau de parfum when you’re off on a posh night out, or simple feeling fancy, but I know the reason why: it’s because it’s expensive. I have my own small collection of precious perfumes, Vera Wang’s Princess being my favourite, but with it retailing at sixty quid a bottle, you can see why I save it for special occasions. Most days I rely on the body mists from The Body Shop, but even they can be pricey if I’m in the run-up to pay day. What’s a girl to do?


Enter Superdrug, the shop that consistently covers my ass, so to speak, with brilliant beauty buys for the cash-strapped gal. This time, they’re coming to my rescue with their new range of Layering Lab body sprays, at £2.99 a pop for 100ml. So far they have six scents in the collection, with positive early reviews.

I bought the scents ‘Floral’ and ‘Paradise’ when they were on offer a few months ago, and I’ve given them a good test run. Turns out I’m impressed!


The Paradise scent boasts tangerine, green tea, and vanilla notes, while Floral embodies rose, raspberries, and white musk. Paradise is probably my favourite of the two as it’s the sort of sharp scent I enjoy and it smells like it could be way more expensive — reviews have likened it to Paco Rabane’s Olympea, which I’ve been very tempted to splurge on in the past. Floral is nice too, but it reminds me of the kind of scent you got as a stocking filler for Christmas with a Disney princess on the front; not wholly luxurious, but cute and feminine, if a bit more girly than sophisticated. I’ve found that both scents are pretty long-lasting; even after a day at work I’ll come home and catch a little whiff of it on my wrists or in my hair.


The scents’ main selling point is in the name, however: they were designed to be worn one on top of the other. With this clever idea, The Library of Fragrance springs to mind, only while their range is much larger, Layering Lab’s body sprays are one fifth of their price tag! Each bottle describes its scent in detail, which is a luxurious touch, and even suggests which scents pair well together if you’re unsure.

Lastly I like how the bottles look; the designs are really cute with their pretty pastel themes, and they’re small and light enough to pop into my handbag for the day in case I fancy a top-up. Overall I can’t fault them, really — I would just like a few more fragrances to choose from!


What’s your signature scent?


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  1. OMG these are so cute, I really have to check them out when I pop over to Superdrug’s next.. and the packaging is just so girly and fun! 😍 xx

    1. Juliet says:

      They are really sweet, I’m sure you’ll love them! 💗

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