Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts with Next*

This post is a paid partnership with Bewonder* Creative Retail Agency.

As with every other Hallmark holiday, shopping for Mother’s Day gifts can be quite tricky. It seems that each and every retail outlet going has adverts showcasing their perfect range of gifts for Mum until you have gift ideas coming out your ears. It all seems to be the same kind of thing based around the trend of that year (this year we’re still hanging onto the prosecco and all-things-gin bandwagon, of which I fully approve!); but obviously not all mums can be lumped into the same basket — if I bought my mum a novelty gift about how much she loves prosecco, she’d wonder if I even knew her at all! When shopping for a particular holiday like Mother’s Day, variety is key to make sure she feels special, appreciated and, most importantly, that you’ve thought of what she might like.

Bewonder* Creative Retail Agency got in touch with me recently to propose a Mother’s Day-related sponsored collaboration. They are the retail agency behind one of my local retail parks in Nottingham, Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield, which boasts some of the best U.K. brands such as Next, T.K. Maxx and Boots, as well as fast food halls to grab a quick bite between shopping. With this kind of variety, there’s something for everyone, and you’re bound to find something perfectly suited to any special someone.

Bewonder* were generous enough as to send over a gift card to contribute to my shopping session, so I spent my time browsing the latest offerings at Next. The shop was bright, airy and sleek, with everything arranged neatly to showcase what was on offer. Given the season, I was greeted by a display in the entrance reminding me of impending Mother’s Day — as if I could forget! It had lots of handy “stocking-filler”-type presents displayed at the ready, which is really helpful for the shopper who feels out of their depth wondering what to buy.



One of my favourite gifts from this section was this giftbox selection of Next’s best-selling fragrances, the Fragrance Roulette Wardrobe (£26.00). It includes a 10ml bottle each of the following scents: Just Pink, Eau Nude, Gold, White Amber, Sparkle, Flowers, Rouge, Cashmere, Define, Coral Blush, and Paradise; it’s ideal for someone who wants to go for a different vibe each day and the bottles are the perfect size to slip in your handbag.


In the end, I plumped for a new-ish scent (at least I’d not seen it before!) called ‘Flowers’ Eau De Parfum. My mum’s favourite perfumes are Anais Anais and Tommy Girl; whenever I smell either of these fragrances, it takes me back to being a little girl, curled up all cosy on Mum’s knee with a handful of her soft dressing gown. When I smelled Flowers, it weirdly took me right back and I knew it would be something my mum would like.

I usually try to steer clear of choosing clothes for my mum as we have quite different tastes, but I was instantly drawn to this Pink Textured Stripe jumper (£30.00). My mum typically goes for quite a relaxed boho vibe and earthy colours: and something about the pastels and the interesting fuzzy texture of the fabric made me think of her. It’s a bit different while remaining pretty and sophisticated; I think it’ll suit her to a tee but I’ve kept the receipt just in case!


Next also have a really beautiful selection of sparkly accessories ay reasonable prices, including quite a wide range of specifically Mother’s Day-themed jewellery. I really loved this set of necklaces, ‘One for Me, One for You’; it made me think of the hand-woven friendship bracelets you’d swap with your bestie in the playground, but with a touch more sophistication.


Although I thought it was a nice idea, I knew it wouldn’t be something my mum would really go in for, so instead I chose these beautiful Organic Jewelled Stud Earrings (£14.00). My mum tends to go for quite classic jewellery, and I feel like these earrings could be worn for a special occasion or add a touch of sparkle to an otherwise normal day. They’re also Sterling Silver, which is essential to avoid irritating the skin and is also a good marker of quality, something you can always expect to receive from Next.

That was everything I chose for my lovely mum, but here are some other things I really liked the look of (may or may not be popping back to get the cat ring stacker and the digestive biscuit coasters, oops):





With my shopping all done, I left the store a very happy daughter, knowing my bag was full of gorgeous good quality gifts to suitably spoil my mum — and all for a decent budget. One day I would love to splash all the cash in the world on my mum to say thank you for everything she’s done for me, but for now I know she’ll feel special with these carefully chosen items from one of her favourite shops.

A big thank you to Victoria Retail Park and Bewonder* for working with me and helping me find some great gifts.

If you could give your mum any gift in the world, what would it be?


This post was created in collaboration with Bewonder* Creative Retail Agency. They very kindly paid for a gift card to cover my shopping fees; I was also monetarily compensated for my time and cooperation. All views are my own.


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