Making Photographic Memories with Panasonic*

This post is for a paid partnership with Panasonic.

In the run up to Christmas, it’s very easy to get caught up in the flurry of spending money. I’m not going to start banging on about the true spirit of Christmas, but with all the mania of gift shopping and food shopping and clothes shopping and everything-else shopping, time is taken away from doing other things — nice, fun things when memories can be made.

A great way to preserve memories is with photographs. How many times a year I go through old pictures and reminisce on fond memories, I don’t know, but there’s a lovely thing about finding an old photo and remembering a time you’d forgotten. With photo-taking equipment being more popular, such as Polaroids, GoPros, this new waterproof camera from Lumix or just the camera on your phone, more and more memories are being captured everyday. When Panasonic suggested I recreate a photo I’m fond of for a blog post, I jumped at the chance.

The picture I chose to recreate isn’t one of myself, but of my mum and my nana, celebrating the night my mum graduated from the University of Nottingham. She took a few years out before going to uni, so she was probably about my age when it was taken; I’ve always thought we looked really alike, but I think the resemblance is particularly uncanny here.


I chose this photo because I love how happy they look, toasting to one of the first of my mum’s many achievements. Even though it’s been rocky at times, and we disagree on a lot of things, my relationship with my mum is one of the most important ones I have, and I’d like to think we have as much fun in each other’s company. I also saw how much my mum did for my nana towards the end of her life (she had dementia in her later years and fought it to the very end), and I really admire the love and strength of that bond.


I also hope my mum and I are alike in more than looks. She’s accomplished so much in her lifetime, not least created a dynamic family unit, and I hope one day to have as much under my belt as she does. In the spirit of Christmas, my mum has given us more important things than the presents we wanted under  the tree.

Which memory would you recreate if you could?



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