May Favourites

GUYS. This month has been a flippin’ brilliant one. Looking back on everything that’s cracked off over the last few weeks is actually making me sit here writing this with a massive smile on my face. Cringey as it sounds, it’s actually nice to take not of the positives from time to time.

Girly holiday in Rhodes


My bestie Caitlin and I jetted off to Rhodes for a week at the beginning of the month for an overdue dose of sun, sea and sangria. The last time I went abroad was three years ago right before I graduated, so I couldn’t be happier to have cocktails, gyros and sandy beaches on my doorstep for seven nights.


Most days we chilled by the pool or explored the area. It was still early in the season so it was pretty quiet, but there were a couple of cute café bars, particularly one right by the beach which was absolutely gorgeous — we went there for a gyros lunch three times in a week! There were also MANY cats everywhere and I know you shouldn’t really pet them but they were so lovely and friendly and mostly healthy-looking and we carried hand-san everywhere so… ??


We also hopped on the bus to Lindos, the next town over, which was absolutely beautiful — a pretty sandy cove nestled down a deep valley with the cobbled shops and streets weaving up to the castle on the hill, all punctuated with vibrant trees and flowers.


Lastly, we took a day trip to the city of Rhodes at the top of the island and spent our time wandering around the old ruins of the historical fortress. It was so beautiful, and incredible to think of how it would’ve been when it was first purpose-built. The walls were crumbling but still ridiculously tall, and everything was draped with leaves and surround by trees and flowers. It was also very interesting to see a city in another culture — it was so different and atmospheric compared to the cities I’m used to here in England. The old harbour with the statues and lighthouse was also a brilliant sight to see.

Being a Bookworm


I can’t believe I managed to read an entire FIVE books while I was holiday. I haven’t been under the influence of the reading bug like that for YEARS. I read:

  • ‘The Fear’ by C.L. Taylor (8/10)
  • ‘The Treatment’ by C.L. Taylor (5/10)
  • ‘Bring Me Back’ by B.A. Paris (3/10)
  • ‘Behind Closed Doors’ by B.A. Paris (8/10)
  • ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ by M.R. Carey (10/10)

Not all of them were spectacular reads, but ‘The Fear’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’ were really gripping and ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ was fantastic. Next on my TBR is ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Totally Fine’ on strong recommendation on my work-sista and I’m (very) gradually making my way through Stephen King’s ‘IT’.

Couch to 5K

Caitlin has been doing Couch to 5K for a good few weeks now and she’s having so much fun with it, I thought I’d give it a go myself! I’ve been wanting to get back into running for a while now as I’ve been struggling with my weight and body image for a few months. I’ve already resolved to eat a little more healthily and am seeing the results, but I could always benefit from a little more exercise! I’m only on Week 1 at the moment, but I’m already excited at the prospect of having an exercise schedule with a bit more structure and I already really enjoy running!

I’m also OBSESSED with these leggings which were only £16 from Amazon and they’re literally the best, comfiest pair of leggings I’ve ever owned.

Resuming my therapy

A few months ago I started a course of cognitive behavioural therapy but couldn’t continue with it for multiple reasons. Since then I’ve been kinda off-beat and really, really down, enough so to take action. My doctor has given me an official diagnosis of depression, something which has only ever been a symptom of my anxiety, and increased my dosage, and ironically I finally feel ready to resume my therapy and try again. I know it’ll be difficult again but if something needs doing, there’s only so long you can avoid doing it.

The jacket of dreams

I’ve been needing a new leather jacket for a long time, but when I was looking for one, I stumbled across this beautiful faux suede biker jacket on ASOS from Urban Code. I kiiiiiinda fell in love, and when I saw it was  reduced to less than a third of the original price, I knew I needed it! It’s so beautiful and so flattering, and I’m currently in the process of looking for something similar for my mum on her request!

New makeup and T.K. Maxx finds


If there’s one thing I really don’t need, it’s new makeup — and yet new makeup is the one thing I buy myself as a treat. Beauty Bay very kindly sent me a discount code on Twitter after seeing me talking about needing a foundation, so I’ve got Milani’s Conceal & Perfect 2 in 1 and L.A. Girl Pro Matte to try (I’ve played around with them already and they are incredible!). I was also tempted to treat myself to Urban Decay Naked Heat, but opted for the cheaper option and got two of the new Revolution Re-Loaded palettes in similar shades – Newtrals 2 and Iconic Fever – they’re just as gorgeous as anticipated! Lastly I stumbled across some goodies in the T.K. Maxx beauty section: Too Faced La Creme lipstick in the shade ‘Sweet Maple’ (which has fast become my daily wear-to-work colour) and Pixi’s ItsEyeTime eyeshadow palette, which is just stunning.

What have you been loving this month?



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