My Favourite Products of 2018

New year, new me? Not always! As ripe a time as January is for a clear-out, perhaps with every single little thing it’s not entirely necessary. I tried a ridiculous amount of beauty, hair and skincare products last year because apparently I have no will power when it comes to clicking that little Checkout button on Beauty Bay and Superdrug — but not every one made the cut. But every now and then, I came across a little gem — here’s four of them!

SophDoesNails’s x Makeup Revolution Palettes

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SophDoesNails is one of my favourite YouTubers, so when I heard that she’d be collaborating with Makeup Revolution — one of my favourite makeup brands! — I did a little happy dance. I use them both more or less every day. The selection of eyeshadow shades are exactly what I’d put together for myself (the shade Petrol is a particular favourite), and there is something very Moon Child-like about the highlighter palette. The glow is inane, and honestly I’d expect nothing less than Soph!

TOTM Pads/Liners/Tampons


I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with TOTM last year, and even though I wasn’t familiar with the brand before, I was glad they got in touch because they are now my go-to sanitary-wear! I’ve tried their liners, tampons and pads, and they’re all so soft and comfortable, it makes being on your period that much easier. I was part of their bloggers campaign, which you can check out here if you want to hear what a bunch of other bloggers and myself thought about their products!

The Body Shop’s Seaweed Mask

My skin is ridiculously oily, and I’ve come to terms with it. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy about this situation. I’ve tried a myriad of products that claim to tackle the sebum secretion, but nothing comes close to TBS’s Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask. I’ve surprised myself by getting through not just one tub but two, and it’s the only mask that I’ve been able to keep up a routine with because it works so damn well.

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar


I know that Lush is like this untouchable bloggers’ kingdom that you’re not allowed to criticise, but truthfully, for me it’s a little gimmicky. The bath bombs are a big (if not slightly infection-inducing) draw, but the makeup is shockingly bad and the shower jellies are just plain odd. That being said, I really like that they’re cruelty-free and most of their products smell incredible when you take it out the overwhelmingly scented shop. One Lush creation I do really like is the Seanik shampoo bar. It leaves my hair feeling so clean and smelling amazing, and it even adds a bit of volume (which is near impossible with my hair!). It’s pricier than your standard bottle of sudsy shampoo, but it lasts for ages; I still have a few remnants left of a bar I bought in August, so next time I’m in town, I’ll definitely be restocking — again!

What were your favourite products of 2017?



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