Revolution Makeup’s Best Eyeshadow Palette Yet?

Take two of my favourite things about the beauty and makeup community. First we have Jack, the creator behind the makeupbyjaack YouTube channel, Instagram feed and general social media presence, incredibly talented and positively dripping with sarcasm and dry humour. Second, we have Revolution Makeup, the Godzilla of the drugstore beauty scene, creating innovative, affordable and accessible makeup products since 2014. Smash the two together and you get a beauty collab, the likes of which I haven’t been this excited about since SophDoesNails’ palettes back in the day.


The palette itself retails for £10 and consists of a range of 20 shimmer and matte shades, with one stand-out, to-die-for glitter shade (more on that later). The casing is matte black plastic, with Jack’s own handwritten metallic signature scrawled across the front. The overall effect is understated and sophisticated and looks so chic and much more expensive than the actual RRP.

In Jack’s video introducing his palette collaboration, he spoke about the design of the shades within the palette aiming to put certain shades together in recommended groups, with each corner consisting of five shades that work as an overall eyeshadow look. For example, the bottom right corner with the blues and yellows contain a base, crease, transition, shimmer and highlight shade to help you create a ready-made eyeshadow look. It’s a great idea to help make the palette more accessible for all skillsets, from total novice to masterclass expert.



The palette also comes with a shade sheet, which I always love; I don’t know why but I always like a palette more when each shade has a name, because it gives the shades more character and has you feeling some type of way when you’re using them (just me?). Jack has given his shade names personal to him, e.g. there are some Welsh-linked words there such as Woolly Plum (which is the literal English translation for the Welsh word for ‘peach’!).

As for the actual quality of the shadows, honestly I am in awe. The colours are so deeply rich and pigmented; it kind of blows my mind that Revolution can make such great quality eyeshadows for a tenner when you have some of the big and bougie high-end ranges coming out with a whole palette of ashy mess for five times the price.

I swatched some of my favourite shades below to show how well they perform:


LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘On My Way’, ‘Queen’, ‘Tired AF’, ‘Ffiona’, ‘Afters’, ‘Chill Out’

The fact that they’ve managed to create such a pigmented matte yellow — MATE. I’m really diggin’ yellow everything at the mo, so an excellent yellow shadow makes me very happy.

Time to whack them on my eyes. I wanted to have a crack at the blues, but I got a bit carried away blending it further and further out and ended up looking like I’d been punched, so I decided to try again for a cute purple moment.


I started with some Boo and Woolly Plum for a soft pinky base, then built up the deeper colour in the outer corners with Cariad (my favourite colour in the whole palette tbh). I wanted to go for a bit of an ombre look from one colour to another, so I used Ffiona in the inner half of my eyelid to give it a purple-to-pink kinda look. I’m not the best at blending so I popped some of that gorgeous gold we talked about, On My Way, on the centre of my lid.


I finished it off with a wing (because who am I without my wings?) and Revolution’s Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in shade ‘Foresight’ on my lips (which is a lot pinkies than it’s deep almost-burgundy swatch online, just fyi).

Overall I was really impressed with how the shades performed. The mattes are definitely the stand-out shades, they’re so pigmented and you can get a brilliant colour payoff with just one little dip in your brush. There’s a fair bit of fall out in the pan but honestly, that never bothers me because I just press it back down into the pan with the brush when I’m done so there’s less waste.


If you’re new to eyeshadow palettes and makeup in general, or wanting to expand your collection with a good all-rounder, to be honest, I’d recommend this palette to everyone. It’s not one I instinctively reach for on the daily, but I am getting a LOT of use out of it with the pops of colour (hello, yellow!) and gorgeous shimmery shades. And those purples are perfect for an autumnal plum eye look.

Have you tried this palette? Which is your favourite Revolution palette?

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