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When I think of makeup in autumn, the one piece that comes to mind is lipstick. Deep vampy reds, rich wines and burgundies, warm chocolatey-brown-toned nudes… it’s the best time of year for a bold lip. Even better is with Halloween so fast approaching, many brands bring out exclusive spooky-themed collections, often with daring, kooky lip shades that you wouldn’t be happy wearing on a normal day.

One of these themed collections is the LASplash’s Wickedly Divine range. I was browsing Beauty Bay a few months back and knew I wanted to try one of the lipsticks when I spotted them.


The lipsticks are designed to look (to me) like Gothic, vampy vials of potion. With their black matte packaging and dainty red jewel perched on the top of the lid, they wouldn’t look out of place next to a witch’s cauldron. The bottom of the tube is also crystallised and clear to show the colour of the lipstick inside.

Regarding the formula, LASplash’s website also boasts ‘opaque colour, long wear, ultra matte and lightweight buildable coverage’. What else do you need in a liquid lipstick?

Oh yeah — they’re also claim to be cruelty-free (although I struggled to find evidence of their meaning of ‘cruelty-free’).

The first shade I ordered was Honey Bee.

img_2777_facetune_06-10-2018-14-23-43 img_2772_facetune_06-10-2018-14-21-23

I’ve never seen another lipstick like this shade before. It’s described on Beauty Bay as a ‘yellow-toned brown’, and it’s a shade that fits its name exactly. It’s an unusual colour, but one I really love. I wear it when I want something a bit bolder than a nude, but still want to jazz up the eyes a little.

img_2773_facetune_06-10-2018-14-21-44 img_2776_facetune_06-10-2018-14-23-10

The formula is really silky and just the right consistency between thick and thin. It also smells oddly chocolatey which may not be to everybody’s taste, but to me it’s not unpleasant or overwhelming; you can’t smell it once it’s on your lips! You only need one swipe of the wand for full coverage on your entire lip surface. Really beautiful and unusual, I receive a compliment from someone every time I wear it!

The next shade I bought was Baneful.

img_2778_facetune_06-10-2018-14-24-13 img_2779_facetune_06-10-2018-14-24-38

This shade is again quite unusual and probably the least wearable of the three shades I have. It’s described on Beauty Bay as a ‘cool nude-brown’, but to me it’s more of a ~greige~ kinda colour, like Lime Crime’s Cashmere. I go back and forth with it on my complexion, but I think it could look really beautiful on deeper or richer skin tones.

img_2780_facetune_06-10-2018-14-25-06 img_2781_facetune_06-10-2018-14-25-23

The formula is just as soft and silky as ‘Honey Bee’, however the pigmentation isn’t quite on par. It’s a much lighter colour so it’s more sheer, so you need two coats for the coverage to be completely opaque. However, it’s definitely buildable as even with two coats, it doesn’t crumble or flake off. Pretty and different, and definitely in keeping with the spooky Halloween season!

The final shade I have is Bloodthirst.

img_2768_facetune_06-10-2018-14-20-24 img_2769_facetune_06-10-2018-14-20-44

This shade is definitely the most wearable of the three and is described as a ‘deep brown-toned red’. I love how it looks on my skin tone; I definitely suit cool tones best with lipsticks and this is a very practical, almost berry shade that is perfect for this time of year. I was maybe expecting it to be a little darker, but it’s perfect the way it is.

img_2774_facetune_06-10-2018-14-22-32 img_2775_facetune_06-10-2018-14-22-50

The formula is much the same as ‘Honey Bee’ as it’s a darker shade. You only need one swipe but it can look a little patchy on application so it takes a little faffing. However, it’s extremely cool and pretty, and different from other burgundy shades you find, which are mainly warm-toned. I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this one!

You can find each of these lipsticks on BeautyBay.com for £9.50 each (however, selected shades are on offer quite frequently, so watch out for that if you fancy trying them for yourself!).

Here are all three of my shades swatched:

img_2784_facetune_06-10-2018-14-26-24 img_2785_facetune_06-10-2018-14-26-44

I’m also wearing:

Also, the pink dye in my hair is La Riche Directions’ ‘Flamingo Pink’!

Have you tried any of LASplash’s lipsticks?




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