Why Aldi Should Be Your First Stop For Hair & Skincare

When you think of supermarket Aldi, you probably think of inexpensive food, foreign sweets and the amazing aisles in the middle full of random products. And cheap wine — because of course. You most likely don’t think of hair and skincare products.

Since I started my new job six months ago, I started popping into the Aldi round the corner during my lunchtime for something to do (I also got very excited at the Jo Malone dupes they were dishing up before reminding myself that I do not under any circumstances need anymore scented candles). I would pick up some bits and bobs for cheap here and there, like shampoo or hairspray, and realised they’re actually really good.

Then I got two items from their clarifying charcoal range, Lacura’s Charcoal Mud Mask and Charcoal Micellar Water, for my birthday; around the same time, I picked up Lacura’s Hot Cloth Cleanser after hearing about its similarities to Liz Earle’s own iconic cleanser.


I’ve tried charcoal skincare products in the past, so I was both excited and apprehensive to try Aldi’s own little range. Charcoal has been really good for my skin before, but I was skeptical about how effective it would be from such a budget supermarket.

Micellar Water

It felt really weird using the micellar water at first because it was so dark — it felt like it would make my face dirtier rather than clean it! — but it worked just the way a regular micellar water would. My favourite micellar water is the one from Superdrug’s Vitamin E range, and Aldi’s charcoal one was just as effective at removing all traces of makeup and dirt from my face. It left my skin feeling and looking really clean and fresh, and it smells really good too. Best of all, I didn’t have a reaction!


Charcoal Mud Mask

I’m a little bit obsessed with this mud mask. Something about it feels really luxurious, like it’s from a high-end brand, not a budget supermarket. It reminds me a lot of the Glam Glow masks, from the super shiny, heavy packaging to the smooth, cream consistency of the mask itself. It applies really smoothly and dries to a clay finish to really tighten and exfoliate your complexion. It has an incredible smell of fresh eucalyptus which is really invigorating as part of your pamper session.I haven’t noticed any particular long-term improvements of using it, but it definitely gives me a glow immediately afterwards and it’s really lovely to include as part of a pampering routine.



Hot Cloth Cleanser

The fact that this product looks so obviously similar to Liz Earle’s cult Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser is its main draw, as well as the fact that it costs a fraction of the latter’s price tag. The idea is that you rub the cleanser into your skin, rinse the cloth with warm water and lay it over your face to steam open your pores. Then you use the cloth to wipe it away as a gentle exfoliation, then splash your face with cold water to close your pores again.

I really love using the cleanser. The formula is really smooth and creamy, it smells really lovely, and it’s really gentle on my skin. The hot cloth is soothing and relaxing, and the whole process leaves my skin feeling super clean and rejuvenated. I also noticed it helped to clear my skin up when I was using it regularly — I suffer from blackheads and breakouts around my chin, and after an initial break out (typical of using a new cleanser), this problem area cleared up significantly.


I’ve never used the Liz Earle version myself, but my bestie Cait is a massive Liz Earl fan, so she put Aldi’s cleanser to the test.

She said Aldi’s version is just as good as Liz Earle’s in its effectiveness. The only major difference is that the Liz Earle one is slightly thicker and more luxurious to use, but choosing the Aldi one is a “no brainer” because it does the same job for a lot cheaper!


So not only are Aldi’s hair and skincare products inexpensive and effective, they’re also 100% cruelty-free. That’s a major stipulation in my beauty routine! As of 1st January this year, all of Aldi’s products (beauty, skin care, haircare and otherwise) are Leaping Bunny certified!

They’re also dedicated to other great causes, such as using recyclable materials and reducing landfill waste, and using sustainable sources for palm oil.

I’ll definitely be exploring more options within their beauty range. Next on my list is their makeup!

Have you tried any of Aldi’s beauty range?



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